A school were the people dare to dream

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Something unusual happens on the 5th floor of a building located in the working class neighbourhood of La Verneda in Barcelona. Inside its walls, a woman proudly types her name for the first time on the computer. A young Moroccan woman has just succeeded in writing her first "sms" to her daughter in perfect Spanish. A university lecturer teaches English together with her colleague, a newcomer immigrant. Many of the students who have spent some time on this floor, are now back to teach. What matters here is the excitement.

More than 1,800 people are part of this learning community founded in 1978 by a neighbourhood “dream” and participate in its management. What some neighbours created even came to the ears of the prestigious Harvard University which sees this experience as a model to repeat.

The school is turning 30. This reality results from the effort of 200 volunteers and the participation in many innovative projects. And the dream lives on!
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